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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Get Informed!

I've been reading some of my old posts this morning! A lot has certainly changed. I was obsessed with counting calories, I basically lived to count! Now, don't get me wrong, I still keep up with my calories, but not religiously. I am actually keeping a food journal (writing it down helps). I am using this journal for a reasons:
1) To track what I eat
2) To track how what I eat makes me feel

My Food Journal

3) To keep up with when I crave what
4)To get to know my habits and to hold myself accountable
5)I have Psoriasis, so I am also seeing how certain foods    effect my skin
So far, it has been really helpful. I am trying to cut back (& eventually cut out) processed foods. I have learned that I usually crave them at night, while watching TV!

I have started reading nutrition labels when I shop, you would be REALLY surprised to see what goes into your food. The food you feed yourself, your family, it is likely loaded with CHEMICALS, GMO's, UNNECESSARY SUGARS, FILLER, PRESERVATIVES, ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, ETC.

What I am TRYING to stick to is 5 ingredients or less, UNLESS THEY ARE ORGANIC/NATURAL. For example, my organic granola bars have 7 ingredients, but they are all wholesome.
Cutting back on processed foods has been really though. A lot harder than I thought, but when you feed your body chemicals, naturally, your body is going to get hooked on them. I slip up, and have a setbacks; but I am not a failure, because I try that much harder the next day! Read more about ingredient labels HERE!

 I am also looking into going GLUTEN FREE, mainly because of my Psoriasis. I have it on my scalp, face, ears, neck, & one eyebrow. It is really painful and embarrassing.  So, this is something I am looking into as an option to improve it. I have also heard UV rays help, so here I come sunshine! 

A lot of the information I have come across recently about health has been from other blogs and books. In my next couple of posts I'll tell you about them & link you up, when possible!

"Skinny Bitch" was a really great read, it educated me on what I am putting into my body in ways I never thought possible. It really pushes the Vegan lifestyle, but it is chock-full of startling information. I used to LOVE Diet  Coke... However, I will NEVER consume it (or any other artificially sweetened product) again! Aspartame is atrocious! Did you know it was actually shot down by the FDA 8 (EIGHT) times! I mean really?! G.D. Searle, the founder of Aspartame, first went to the FDA in '73. In 1974 it was approved for dry foods, however in '75 the FDA created a task force to look into Searle's testing methods. The task force leader, Phillip Brodsky said he "had never seen anything as bad as Searle's testing" and called his results "manipulated". The road after this was long and bumpy for Mr. Searle, and there were a few investigations. Oddly enough (most of) those who challenged him ended up on his payroll; how bizarre! In 1980 it was determined that it should NOT be approved! In 1981 a new FDA Commissioner was appointed and approved it. (This info is from a chapter titled Sugar is the Devil, Skinny Bitch)
That is a pretty intense history, and yet it still consumed by the masses, probably because like I was, they are uninformed. They say "Ignorance is bliss", when it reality it is just IGNORANCE!
Do you know the (known) side effects of Aspartame? Seizures, migraines, & more! Check out the list www.sweetpoison.com
You can also find it in a lot of kid's food items! If you are buying something with "50% less sugar!" You might want to check your ingredients! 
Here are some amazing websites to gather knowledge from:

More links to come!

Get informed and...
Wish me luck, y'all!

P.S. Sorry for getting preachy!

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