Saturday, June 16, 2012

Evil Oranges

So, how was your day? Is your (Father's Day) weekend off to a good start? I'd say mine is.
Work was slow, which was no bueno. But, wait!... There is an upside! Due to the slowness, I was able to eat all of my small snacks on time. Well, most of them. Have you ever peeled an orange? JUNK IS HARD! It literally took me 5 minutes to peel it. And then, on top of that I could not separate the pieces, which led to me ripping half of it apart before dropping it on the salon floor (EW)! Pretty sad, huh??

Anyway. Moving on. I started the day with 2 slices of turkey bacon & doctored up plain oatmeal. By doctored up I mean I added 1 teaspoon of butter, 1 sprinkle of brown sugar, & 1 teaspoon of skim milk. It was DELISH! I enjoyed this with a delicious glass of water! However, I somehow forgot my coffee... More on that later. Throughout the say I snaked on a handful of almonds, the above mentioned evil orange, a peach cup & a delicious thermos full of Crystal Light. For lunch I enjoyed a small pb&j roll up. I used all natural peanut butter made in Publix along with raspberry jam. YUMMO!

My day hit an unfortunate snag around 1:30. =[ I got an awful headache! I skipped my coffee this morning, due to time constraints. Boy did I pay for it. Luckily, one of my favorites at the salon gave me a fan-freaking-tabulous shampoo & solved the headache problem. I also ran into some stress today & caved and ate a slice of pizza (my stronghold, I could eat a medium pizza by myself). Shame, shame; I know. But that's ok. I CAN do this! The road will be bumpy & I will experience set backs, but I CAN DO THIS!

After work we grocery shopped (much needed). We stocked up on yummy veggies & lean meats! I am really looking forward to the meal planning! Oh, at the store, my son threw a tantrum (as expected of a two year old), and another mother called me an inexperienced mother. Yeah, I was mad. But I shrugged it off. Last time I checked, the right thing to do during a tantrum was to stand your ground. So, I let him cry & continued shopping. He was over it in about 5 minutes. Gosh, I am such a horrible, inexperienced mother. Do I know it all? Absolutely not, but I do know somethings.

Dinner tonight was AMAZING! We had pasta. Whole wheat noodles with broccoli, connecuh sausage, & a delicious creamy garlic sauce. The sauce consisted of fresh chopped garlic sauteed in EVOO. I then added 2 tbsps of flour and whisked until smooth. I then added one cup of organic chicken broth, 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt, & 1/4 cup skim milk. I stirred until it thickened and added about a half cup of parm cheese.
I then mixed all of the pasta, meat, & veggies together. It was delicious! The recipe was inspired by this "Skinny Chicken Broccoli Alfredo . To me, the sauce didn't taste very much like alfredo, but was amazing & delicious none-the-less.
Our delicious dinner!

I plan on enjoying half a bag of popcorn and some fruit as a snack tonight. And now I am off to do some stretching and exercises that I found on... you guessed it... Pinterest! You can find the workout here!!!

OH!!! And I made some Crystal Light Popsicles! I'll let y'all know how they are tomorrow!

Wish me luck, y'all!

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