Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm Green...But Not With Jealousy

So. I did it. I made my first green smoothie. Pretty good. I used a handful of spinach, a small apple, a pear, & a quarter of a peach with some plain greek yogurt & a splash of almond milk. I think next time I would like a banana and some ice in it. Still, pretty good though. 

So, let's look at some other recipes.
Detox: (
Green Smoothie — 1 cup baby spinach, 1 cup kale, 1 pear, 1 ½ cup of orange juice, and 1 frozen banana.
<-------Sounds & looks good, huh?! I really like the use of kale & the O.J.!! Super Yum!
2)This one could be pretty good... But the BEE POLLEN sounds strange. But... Don't knock it until you try it, I guess! 
3)Kimberly Snyder has a great recipe chock full of goodness. I would omit the celery, but other than that, a must try! I like that she breaks down the blending process. It makes it fool proof for people like ME!
4)This one intrigues me with the addition of a carrot! I love them, and bet this would be ah-mazing!  -------------------->
5)The Family Kitchen has a neat recipe, she made her own almond milk-GET OUT! How awesome. Color me impressed, y'all. 
6)A monster smoothie... What really grabs my attention about this one is the PEANUT BUTTER!!! How interesting. Peanut butter & spinach. I just have to know how it tastes!

Obviously I need to find a 7th recipe so I can try them over the course of a week & declare my households winner. Do YOU have a recipe for a GREEN SMOOTHIE? If so, share it, PLEASE??!?!
Food & I didn't get along today. I had one of the muffins I made last night for breakfast (see this post to read about it). But, my manager at work took me to chikfila this morning & I caved and got a chicken burrito. For lunch I had a kids turkey sub on wheat with spinach, tomatoes, black olives & mustard along with some apple slices, it was good. Then I had a pancake stick (that is what I call them... pigs in a blanket on a stick) For dinner I had Five Guys. I report all of this with my tail tucked and head held low. I am a stress eater y'all. I had to leave work today due to my little being sick. I spent all day worrying about missing more work & eating my way through my worries. I am behind on my water for the day as well. =\ Luckily, he just has a bug, & it should be gone quickly. Thank goodness. Tomorrow will be better. 
I was on it with my work out tonight though, so there is a plus. Tomorrow I have a pretty cool couple of websites/blogs to share with y'all! I hope y'all enjoy it. Ya know... if anyone is actually reading this. 
Wish me luck, y'all! 

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