Thursday, June 21, 2012

Links, Links, Links!

Here are the links I promised yesterday! - She has some great tips on eating & shopping clean. She even has some great pledges (& mini pledges to help you work up to the 100 day pledge) for clean eating. All of the foods have to be 5 ingredients (on the package) or less, along with fresh produce, whole grains, grass fed meats & wild caught seafood. Very cool, indeed. has some great tips on shopping, meal planning, coupons and more. The website is full of shopping tips and tricks that retailers play! Definitely worth reading. matches you with the local retailers in your area and helps you plan your menu around there sales ad. It is super cool to me, because you can see the ad without having to go store to store to find the best deals. Unfortunately it doesn't work with all stores right now, but I think it will have more to choose from soon! has some really great coupon links & they explain how to get the most from your coupon; a great site for coupon novices.

I am going to be working late tonight at the salon. I will update y'all tomorrow on my food & what not!

Wish me luck y'all!

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